Pure Living Network | Drugless Sports Performance Training
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Drugless Sports Performance Training


Application form 2015 – 2016 Season

Biofeedback Training with Olympic Athletes – Article

Biofeedback is a drugless method of therapy that measures individuals own stress reactions using their baselines as the control rather then comparing to ”the norm”. I have developed a program that supports the demands athletes face in sports, industry athletes face in the line of duty, business executives face under pressure, in addition to the physical demands of everyday life.

Utilizing a direct method through Biofeedback and Quantum Wave Laser Therapy, the program is designed to generate results to maximize your potential through:

·       Body Re-Education
·       Physical Training
·       Mental & Emotional Focus
·       Injury Prevention
·       Trauma & Injury Recovery
·       Nutrition
·       Program Management

Many challenges arise in the process of becoming a champion & living a balanced life. Management of stress and anxiety are essential to optimal performance. Whether you win or lose, make business decisions under pressure, experience a traumatic event, work a strenuous shift, or stress in personal lives. As a result of these challenges, its important to understand how your body is able to manage emotions, injured tissue, heart rhythm, brain and nerve function, nutrition, hormones, over training, repetitive injury, endurance, focus, coordination, flexibility.

Biofeedback measures the body’s muscle activity, skin temperature, gland activity, respiration, heart rate, blood pressure, brains activity & blood flow through these challenging times and records the effects it had on the body.  Once those measurements are evaluated by a certified practitioner through the testing, A program would be specifically for the individual utilizing over 90 different training programs selected for the client. During the session the device emits energy to the body that it requires to re-train the body back to a healthy state.

My goal is to educate clients how to be more confident, focus better, stay composed under pressure, practice more efficiently, and develop better pre-performance routines.

This assures each athlete can be confident in knowing they are fully equipped to take their performance to the next level.