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How Does Distance Training Work?

There is an undeniable new paradigm in science. The theories of consciousness, quantum theory, subspace systems, fractals, and energetic medicine are all being understood and used more by all health professionals. These systems will become commonplace as people everywhere begin to recognize them for what they are—a tool for wellness. Society is broadening its beliefs to be more open to consciousness ideas.

A distance session or remote INDIGO Biofeedback works according to Quantum Physics. Everything in the Universe is made up of the same energy which means that everything that you see is composed of the same very small particles and all these particles vibrate. What distinguishes you from your chair or the person beside you, for instance, is the pattern of these particles and the way in which these particles vibrate. Between every particle there is space – called subspace.  The INDIGO device sends vibrations out into subspace to locate your personal pattern and vibration. Once the device has located you, it works to exchange frequencies with you.

Who Uses Distance Training?

Remote biofeedback  is commonly used for those who live far from practitioner, traveling, have difficulty leaving the home, or those who require mini target training sessions to stay on track with their performance plan.

People who are very sensitive to energy may feel this work immediately. They state that they prefer to be in a restful state during a remote session, as they would in a normal session. Distance is not an issue with biofeedback training. Sessions can be very productive from any distance.

What Should I Do Prior & During My Long-Distance Session?

It is recommended to be well hydrated during the hours before your session. Prior to beginning the session session  we will have exchanged basic information via email or phone, followed by a brief discussion to ensure we are meeting your health goals and any other concerns you are facing with at that time. The session then proceeds like any regular session for the duration of an hour. The practitioner can then tell what needs to be balanced, in your personal electrical field, based upon how these frequencies bounce off of you and back to the INDIGO device.

When the session is complete you will receive a phone call to discuss the session and what training programs & balancing techniques were utilized in the program.

Session Recommendations:

Ensure you are well hydrated before, during & after session

Make sure you are in a quiet and comfortable place during the session

Do not use electronic devices during your session