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The Power of Writing

The Power of Writing

It has taken me years to realize that writing is one way that I communicate. However I was doing it without realizing how valuable it was to my personal growth, healing and communication with those who are close to me. At times I find myself to be misunderstood the only way I feel I can make sense of what is going on upstairs is to pull out my pen and paper. As the pages turn and my story becomes alive, I start to find my voice again.

The writing process brings very profound messages to the surface. You can write from all different aspects from your heart, your dreams, your love, your experience, your pain, your inspiration, your culture. Some writings are to share with loved ones some writings are more of a personal journey for self reflection. I have gone through some trying times in my life and sometimes it hard for even myself to understand. When I put it on paper it helps me visually to understand what I am going through and the message I am trying to prevail.

As mentioned earlier I have utilized different styles of writing. I will share some reasons why I use the different styles.

Writing a journal:

Self reflection: Helps to stop all the to-dos and chaos that is flying around in my mind and body. Through the Good and bad times helps me to find balance.

Motivation: Keep me on track with my goals and visions for my future

Refocus: I have written out my personal values and sometimes I need to check in and make sure I am aligned with what I believe.

Inspiration: Reminding myself what I have done well or positive experiences I want to remember how I felt in that moment.

Tough Times: Sometimes you just need to get things off your chest we all face difficult situations, trauma from past and finding an outlet can come in different forms and generally not good forms. Writing I found to be a safe outlet.

Affirmations: positive messages that I want to utilize in my daily life. Laws of attraction it’s a good way to practice attracting what you want in your life.

Self Love: Write about things you love and admire about yourself .

Relationships: I think its important to recognize what you can and cant live without. Relationships evolve and change all the time. Taking the time to reflect on what you value and inspires you in your relationship can be rewarding and remind you why you appreciate that person. These relationships are your family, your friends, your lover, your co-workers.

Writing to a Special Someone: I have a very gentle soul and sometimes I have a hard time being expressive with my words and getting out how I really feel in relationships. If you are a special someone who has received these letters you would be able to hear the words as if I was speaking to you.

Hint for the ladies: When writing love letters to men they don’t want the mushy spill your heart out on paper type of letter. They need plain language that they can understand and can relate to. It needs to be purposeful to them through admiration, appreciation, respect, affirmation and adoration. Remember this is not a letter to yourself.

Some things I share in these types of letters are:

  • Clarity: Explain why I am writing it and what my purpose is.
  • Understanding: Sharing how i see the scenario if there is one up for discussion and that I’m aware of their feelings as well.
  • Expression: The way I feel weather its right or wrong. There is no wrong in a feeling. That’s as real as it gets. (Don’t spend to much time on this topic.)
  • Share the things I admiration and appreciate. Men need validation to remind themselves they are special to you and why.
  • Risk: I take risk in writing by putting it all out there im not talking about feelings but what is purposeful to you.
  • Why they make me a better person.
  • What I value in our relationship and what is important to me.

Watching someone read the letter as their eyes scan from left to right you can see the emotions surface as the letter goes on. This can open lines of communication to discuss in your relationship.

Having your own writing process can be sweet, fulfilling and effective.  So here is my challenge to you…..Get out of your own way and grab a pen and a blank piece of paper and see what happens. Light your candles and pour yourself a drink. Make it hot, Feel your truth and share the love.

Light the fire that is burning inside of you.

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