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Nourish, Plan, Spin Repeat

Nourish, Plan, Spin Repeat

New To Spin – Don’t Let the Gym Fool You, it really can be as amazing as people say.

Before Soulspin opened its doors in March, I had some interesting comments from people I told what I was getting myself into.  Some would say ‘spin is so HARD’!  ‘I don’t want anyone yelling at me’!!  ‘The seat always hurts my bum’.  🙂

I started talking with others who frequent spin class to understand what the phenomenon was – in other cities you have to sign up at least 3 days ahead to confirm your spot in dedicated studios – and there are some Instructors whose class you need to practically give up your first born to get in.  What is the difference between the average gym spin class and a dedicated studio?

First off, let’s talk about the ambience.  Our goal is to give you a ride that you can immerse yourself in.  Each time the lights go down and the music turns on, you know you’re in for a mind enhancing ride.  Soulspin has fun lighting and amazing sound to allow each participant to get lost in their own workout.

Secondly, the Instructor is the key.  You need to connect with the person on that stage – they are the ones that are there to challenge you in a motivating (not yell-y) inspiring way.  A great instructor is there to encourage you to challenge your limits, and that’s where the mental aspect comes from.  Our goal is to have you leave, yeah sure, in a sweaty mess, but more that you feel exhilarated – not only did you work your body to grow and change but you cleared your mind from the stresses and challenges of the day.

A Soulspin testimonial:

“Before I was introduced to Soul Spin, I hadn’t been to a spin class before. I decided that when I bought my first week unlimited I would go every day. After that first week I was in love! Each class is different, I am constantly being challenged and the ease of not having to plan my workouts and music is something I find super convenient. I try to do at least 5 classes a week, which I am finding myself craving to get to”!

-Haley Mowat, soul rider.

We encourage you to give us a try.  Group exercise is all about having fun and motivating yourself in a way that you may not achieve working out alone.  And heck, if you feel like you’re getting yelled at – curse them in your mind and push that extra bit more and show them who’s boss – you!!

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