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S M A R T Goals

These last couple months I have had a huge dream in my eyes. And going toward that dream I was trying to get everything done at once and more. Which in the end has landed me here, about 1 step further than I was 3 months ago. Instead of being where I wanted. I finally realized that when you set yourself goals, they need to be realistic, otherwise when you try to accomplish them, you will end up staring at all the things you have to do, and not even know where to start. This causes our brains to say, “you know what? How about we just do it tomorrow.” Which will just keep happening and your brain will think it is okay until you look back on the 3 weeks that just passed and wonder why the heck you didn’t get anything accomplished. In personal training they teach us to use “SMART goals” on our clients. This entitles 3 goals that are Specific (Lose 15 lbs) This is important so you can see exactly what you want to achieve. Measurable (Scale) be sure to measure your process before during and after to allow yourself to realize you are making changes whether you see or feel them or not. Action (2 cardio days, 2 full body workouts per week for a total of 4 days/week) So you plan out the action you are going to partake to achieve your goal. Realistic (Yes) you have to take a step back, and be sure your goal is realistic or not, this gets decided on the time you choose to achieve this goal. If you find you don’t think you will be able to accomplish your goal in that time, then don’t bother setting this goal, give yourself enough time. Time (3 months) you may want to lose this weight faster than this, but setting unrealistic goals could resort to failure, which will then take a blow to your self-esteem and make you feel like you have let yourself or someone else down. 3 months will actually go by a lot faster than you think. It sure has for me!

Now If you think about these SMART principals, why not use them for everyday things in life. I may want to get 1 chapter of my body blueprint (certification for personal training in BC) done in 1 week, I will use my completion of my assignment to measure my goal, I need to read over the chapter, high-light main points and complete the assignment. Is my action/time is that realistic? Depends, Maybe I work full time and have other obligations, therefore I will break it down to a more specific week. I should try to spend at least 1 hr 3 days a week on the chapter in order to finish it. Now there is one goal to focus on for the week. Next week maybe I will decide to plan to study for my training exam. I set a specific, measurable, actioned, realistic, timed goal. And now that one goal looks a lot easier to do compared to the 10 other chapters left in my body blueprint, and my training exam, and my first aid course, and my nutrition certificate, work, and life being aware I am a very social person and I will need some social time during the week as well.

The point is, one step at a time! Take a breather, step back, and set out 3 different SMART goals this month, whether it be to fill your fridge with healthy brain food, or going to the gym and planning your workouts, or painting that picture you’ve been wanting to paint for a while now. Right them all down, and put them up on a wall that you look at daily. Watch as your life starts to slowly fall into place, a lot faster than you really even notice.


S – Specific, a good understanding of what exactly you want to achieve.

M- Measurable, choose a good measuring tool to be able to see that you are in fact accomplishing your goal.

A- Action, what action you will take to achieve your goal

R- Realistic, be sure your goal is realistic.

T- Time, the time it will take you to finish this goal.


Try to set 1 focus, then set 3 smart goal you will do to achieve that main focus. Good luck! And please give me some feedback on how it works out for you!

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