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When Entrepreneurial Dreams Become Reality

When Entrepreneurial Dreams Become Reality

I have always had the passion burning inside me but putting it to action has been what I would consider to be a roadblock for years. I cant define what the block exactly was. Could it have been timing? Experience? Support? Self-love? or Commitment? That I still don’t know. Maybe it was a combination of all of those. In a very short time I have met such and incredible group of individuals who are living the same reality, in realizing that it has lite the fire inside me. I feel so intensely about this topic because I feel that it is uniquely related to every individual and what they stand for. Consider it your gift, that’s what I will refer to it throughout this blog.

The “gift” that we are all building our businesses on I believe the people tend to learn a ton along the course of our rides. Including that we work the 9 – 5 JOB.Our reasons for becoming entrepreneurs are simple: we want to be free to make our own rules and we want to share our gifts with others what we’ve discovered in our adventures through life.

So, here you are reading this because you know you have a gift and you’ve got the business itch. Some of these gifts can be perusing anything from music, writing, coaching, massage, photography, nutrition, natural therapies, day care the list goes on…Whatever your business is, my experience in watching dreams succeed and fail around the world has taught me that no matter what we’re doing, we face several challenges. This is what makes your stronger and keeps you on your toes. Just as life itself and how we learn from our mistakes or misguidance. Perhaps you have already experienced this in building your business or you have just started and are about to face the challenge. The practice of balancing your own inherent gift and planning how you will share it with the world in a strategic plan can be tricky.

Comparing building a business and working a regular job. Take away the constraints of a boss and the pressures of co-workers, which we can consider to be job stress at times. Then leave it to your yourself to your own gifts and you soon discover the profound realization that this shit is hard and maybe working that regular job wasn’t so bad.One thing to know is that you’re not at all alone. Below I will discuss some points on some struggles you may experience along the way:

You find it tough to describe your work and its benefits to others simply because it’s a little different and maybe a little weird too. Weird is pure awesomeness just for the record. The gifts we all share as entrepreneurs are the beginning of something new and unfamiliar. It could be that you’ve invented a fresh genre of music, a form of healing that no one has ever heard of, a kind of meditation training that scares people as much as it interests them. Whatever it is, chances are that your gift, it’s a bit out of the ordinary. That’s OK! This means that you face unique challenges for marketing your work. You often need to educate people just as much as you need to sell to them.

Choosing an audience,that’s a project in itself, figuring out who’s the best audience for what you do can be a big challenge. Find your target market. You’re not selling to a certain externally defined demographic, you’re selling to people who are open to a certain kind of experience. Balancing your work both as an educator and a businessperson.What you do is life-shifting, you’re responsible for helping folks to shift with you. This can be challenging don’t get caught up in numbers to begin but those who support you and your business and grow from there. When it comes to communicating the benefits of your experimental offering, probably nothing helps more than collecting testimonials. Don’t be shy about sharing your gift with friends and letting them rave about it, and then publicizing that raving. This is key.Social proof is a great means of helping folks get over their resistances to trying the new and incredible thing you’re offering.

Social Media & Communication are vital components to business these days: Facebook, Twitter, instagram are important means of connecting with potential customers & clients. This is a great source for sharing your experiences and testimonies from your clients. On the other side its possible that you may have also had experiences in the past of posting something vulnerable and deeply felt, and having people respond with indifference or even straight-up rudeness. It inevitably will happen, so let it go and move on its generally a misunderstanding.
This struggle to communicate with the world at large is very common for gifted people since we’re accustomed to being misunderstood. Often we trip ourselves up because we expect to be misunderstood. A useful way to overcome this is to design all of your posts as if you’re speaking directly to a person who generally understands your vibe (so you don’t have to explain everything) but still has things to learn from your experience.

Charging your clients.Yes this included your friends, family, business partners and co-workers. You feel that your gift should be free, so you feel guilt and worry around charging what you’re worth. Common ground theme is that you are just trying to help. Most gifted people have very strong spiritual commitments to kindness and generosity, and they love the feeling of giving. Not to say there are not selfish, dishonest gifted people in the world — but usually karma kicks their ass pretty quick. There comes a point where what feels even more not fun than charging is not charging. Because you want to give your gift to the world in a way that’s sustainable for you. You must charge for your work & services if you want to uphold a sustainable business model. The process of overcoming hesitations around charging a sustainable rate for your work can be a long one. This is very important to your success and happiness eventually get to a place where you’re paid to do what you love, by people who appreciate and value you.

Your energy and business focus can change dramatically with the seasons. Gifted people can feel stressed and inadequate when trying to work in a business world that makes all sorts of demands for constant production that face conflict with the rhythmical happenings of nature. It’s okay. Don’t let it get you down or if your me just have a break down that works too. Keep in mind the timing will never be great timing for these events to occur.
Most of the gifted people I know are at their best from January to June, I am talking about myself here I feel my best while the sun is gaining strength. I also tend to be way more energized and decisive around the time of the full moon. I also tend to get extremely lethargic around new moons and in winter and darker days. If this is going on for you, it’s important to recognize what’s happening and cut yourself a big break.

Visions of the gifted person you see and feel things that many other people don’t. Intense visions and client experiences can be difficult to put into words and explain to those you wish to share with. If you are a parent as well keep this in mind with your children and the way they are responding to the universe around these times of year. Some are very susceptible to this as they can be very grounded with the earth and can be difficult for them to understand.So bare with them through these times.

Brilliant ideas running in multiple direction and it’s difficult to zero in on your focus.Gifted people get suddenly can be seized by strong enthusiasms to many ideas running into many directions without a solid foundation can be tricky. Try to find a common theme that underlies and weaves through all of your enthusiasms and to focus on cultivating that as the foundation of your business and creative side grow.As you build that foundation and solidify a business model whatever it is, once you accept it and embrace it, and are confident with the pillars you have built then go for it dig your feet in the sand and run on the beach and pursue your brilliant ideas.

Gifted people are used to things just coming to you. You’ve manifested plenty of stuff in your life, business, relationships, adventures etc. You would prefer it if your powers of manifestation would just go ahead and effortlessly create for you a website, a fan base, a production team, and everything else your business needs.You’re gifted, so you should be able to get all that stuff free and easy, right? Well, yes and no. It’s ok to call for help as you grow your business. Along my own journey, I’ve encountered amazing people who were happy to help me build my website and promote my work just for barter to get me a good deal. They are happy to just help create something they felt good about and believed in.

I’ve also noticed that part of sharing my gift with clients they are happy to support my businesses. Think of it this way when we pay for other people’s services, when we invest in getting coached and healed and supported ourselves, we affirm that gifted work has value and in turn are educating ourselves. As you expand your business and put yourself out as a public person, you discover new truths about your gift, your power, and your wisdom that would never have dawned on you if you had stayed in your comfort zone at a job.

I’m incredibly grateful for you being here along this journey and having that drive to share your gift with all of us.

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