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Quantumwave Laser

The device is a cold laser, which does not cut or burn the tissue. The laser gently donates energy to cells, which stimulate the mitochondria to produce more ATP, the energy engine of our cells. The more ATP means healthier cells to regenerate and help the body to heal itself. The device donates energy to cells and has a unique ability to clear the cell memory. The cold laser can be applied to any injuries, stress, or tension and activate the key body systems such as the glands and organs. Cell memory is the stress or tension pattern underneath all injury.

Chi Machine
The Chi machine improves the flow of circulation and oxygenation of the blood stimulating your energy levels throughout the day.  The Chi helps cellular activation, spinal balancing, weight loss, exercising internal organs, injuries, mental focus, immune support, relaxing muscles and breaking up lactic acid. This can be very beneficial to those who through age or physical limitations are unable to exercise allowing the body systems to function properly.

Hot House

Far Infrared Rays regenerates tissue growth, improves circulation, reduces muscle aches and pain, opens the pores, eliminates toxins and make-up grime, loosens dry, dead skin cells and improves elasticity, texture and color. Far Infrared Rays revives skin that has been subject to excessive ultraviolet radiation and damage.

E- Power

Helps to detox and energize your cells. Promotes increased cell energy, balances pH, enhances oxygen reserves, boosts metabolism, circulation, enhances antibodies, increases bone strength, improves nerve function, digestion and elimination, rejuvenates skin and uplifts us mentally and emotionally.when body is filled with negative ions and greater cell energy, we are drawn to a lifestyle in greater harmony with the earth and with less reliance on artificial stimulants.

Essential Oils

Essential oils, known as nature’s living energy, are the natural, aromatic volatile liquids found in shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. The essential oils often have a pleasant aroma and are packed with pure, botanical essences, you’ll discover rich properties that cannot be found elsewhere. Essential oils can be diffused, inhaled, or applied topically.


Vitamins can provide the essential nutrients that we are typically not getting enough of in our daily consumption.  Supplements can help take up the nutritional slack and help prevent deficiencies that can contribute to chronic conditions or help maintain your bodies current state.

The body is very Unique and has the natural ability to heal itself, given that your mind, body and spirit are embraced in balanced experience.”