Pure Living Network | BIOFEEDBACK Q & A
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Have you ever before heard about or of biofeedback?

We have all commonly used Biofeedback in many facets of our lives. For example, any time we have stepped on a scale to measure our weight or anytime we have used a thermometer to measure your temperature we’ve used biofeedback. Biofeedback is used in many areas of medicine and has been for a very long time. In hospitals we use EEG, ECG, EKG, Ultra Sound (which is both treatment and diagnostic) as well as MRI’s and CT scans. Biofeedback has been used in our hospitals for over 80 years diagnostically and therapeutically for pain management and stress reduction. So, what is biofeedback? Simply put, biofeedback is broken down to bio which means “life” and feedback, therefore life-feedback. Biofeedback is a tool which measures different parameters of health, stress, and ultimately life. The INDIGO is the most advanced form of Biofeedback available. Using the device we can measure over 11,000 different parameters of stress on the body which affect our health and wellbeing.


What is stress and how does it affect our health?

Stress is anything that affects our body which causes the body not to be able to function at its optimal peak health. The medical associations recognizes that 80 % of all disease is caused by stress. When our bodies are burdened by fungus, parasites, bacteria, physical toxins (ie. industrial toxins, environmental toxins, heavy metals etc) as well as unmanaged emotional issues our bodies experience stress and these “stressors” are the root cause of our health issues. All these different types of stress require the body to distribute vital energy to regulate and manage symptoms. When the stress of these issues accumulates our bodies become overwhelmed, we often then get sick / diseased and experience acute and chronic symptom discomfort. Using the device we can detect what specific stress is affecting our bodies and better understand how to support the needs of our bodies such that we are healthy and don’t get sick. If sick already, using the INDIGO both diagnostically and therapeutically we can better understand why we are sick and what we need to do to get back to a state of health.


How can the device help us to be healthier such that we can prevent disease as well as helping our bodies to manage existing diseases and symptoms?

Understanding the stress of the body is the key to health. If we can better understand what is actually happening inside our bodies and why we are feeling the symptoms that we have, then we can address the need of our bodies in multiple ways and truly take responsibility for our health. Health is a choice! Once you have made the decision to become healthy / healthier, I will be able to guide you through a sevens step plan specifically designed for you. Biofeedback  will support you on this journey by delivering the most effective stress reduction therapy to better manage and recover from any symptoms of pain, fatigue, insomnia, allergies and virtually any other symptom / “dis”eases that may be causing you discomfort.


Are you saying Biofeedback can also heal my body through its therapy?

The only thing that heals the body is the body. This statement is true in all aspects of medicine, even Western Medicine. Western Medicine is trauma medicine. The doctors can save our lives and often help to suppress the symptoms, which are causing us discomfort. However all too often when it comes to helping us heal many of us have found medicine to be very limited. To this task we look to Chinese medicine and other modalities of natural healing for the solution to our problems. The INDIGO applies both principals of eastern and western medicine through the therapy it provides such that we can support many different aspects of your health with one of our 90 different types of electrical/energetic therapies we can deliver through the device. This in turn supports our body to do what it is naturally designed to do which is of course to heal itself. If you cut yourself do always need stitches to heal the wound? Of course not! The body can heal that on its own. If you break a bone does the cast heal your body? No, the cast just supports your bone to heal properly. So then if the body can heal itself, why do we sometimes get sick and not seem to heal or manage the symptoms of the body on our own? The answer is simple. The body needs energy to heal. If all of the energy resources of our bodies are continually depleted from managing the “stress” of the body due to all the different kinds of “stress” our bodies experience then our bodies often do not have the energy needed to heal. We know that the medical associations recognize this issue and attributes 80% of all disease rooted as “stress” if not more, but what solutions have anybody offered to address this problem. Before now, there have been no real solutions to this problem due to the inability of current testing to truly understand the stress of our bodies. With the biofeedback device and the guidance from me on your journey we can finally understand the stress of our bodies and have it managed by both the amazing therapy delivered through the device, and the education it can provide us such that we better understand the needs of our bodies, and learn how to properly support our bodies through taking active responsibility of necessary lifestyle changes.


What is the INDIGO?

In approximately five minutes, the INDIGO Biofeedback System can simultaneously detect and record information about the individual client’s stress reactions. The Biofeedback System reveals a client’s voltage, amperage, resistance and other electrical calculations which may be important indicators of wellness. Also referred to as your VARPHOPE reading. Information about reactions to over 11,000 subtle stress related signatures and physiological parameters are also reported for client education. The device has been developed by a team of western and eastern doctors/researcher over the course of the last 20 years, whom were interested in applying the principals of biofeedback stress reduction for the optimization and maximization of health and wellness. Applying the principals of a new form, a Biofeedback known as evoked potential, our team set out to build a computerized health system. A system that could both analyze the bodies reaction to thousands of different frequencies, ranging from different types of fungus, viruses, bacterium and many other different types of pathogens, as well as nutrients and minerals, allergies and even emotional and mental states etc, but also a system that could work with the body electrically to support and stimulate the body to heal.   The device is designed to address the very specific different types of stress that burden our health that cause the common diseases of our bodies! By supporting the body in this way, the device can stimulate our bodies’ natural ability to do what it is designed to do which of course is to restore and maintain health and vitality. There is no disease the body can’t heal with the right support. Welcome to the INDIGO and the medicine of our future.


What happens during a biofeedback session?

A biofeedback session is comparable to a relaxation massage. You have the choice of massage bed or a gravity chair, whichever you are most comfortable with. You will then be connected to the INDIGO with a head harness and limb straps. The device is then calibrated and the main test proceeds for about four minutes. When the test is complete, the information received from the test will then be reviewed. Based on the stressors in the body your Biofeedback Specialist will begin therapies related to the stressor items. This process may be followed by balancing of minerals, vitamins, organs and spinal alignment to better enable the body to begin healing. To end of session a 25 page report will be generated on bodies reactivity to different spinal, digestive, nutritional, hormonal, emotional, food and environmental stressors specific to your body. We will then discuss together your session and recap the therapies that were achieved throughout the session.


What is next?

Biofeedback specialist will review reactivity report generated from previous session and develop a personalized program specific to you. Next meeting we will go over the reactivity report to educate client on body’s stress responses. Then we will discuss which target therapies we will achieve for this visit. Relax and enjoy your target biofeedback session.


What does the software look like?

After input your specific information I will then calibrate the device electrically and specifically to your body. Calibration is the electrical hand shake between our device and your electrical body.   The calibration process takes about one minute and in that short period of time we are able to measure the fundamental parameters of your bodies’ electrical vitality. Measurements of voltage, amperage, resistance, hydration, and oxidation, as well indicate any electrical irregularities possible due to heart rate instability, spinal blockages, and metabolic dysfunctions, issues of degeneration, immune function, ph balance, and overall cellular vitality. All of this information from a one minute calibration!


Value Ranges: Normal – 80 to 100 Weak – 50 to 80 Chronic – below 50

V  Adrenal function, stress level, will power & battery charge

A  Brain function, serotonin, life force, lack of sleep, lack of love, emotional imbalances

R  Overall health, energy flow, stubbornness, flow of energy, fever, infection, inflammation

 Amount of water in body and hydration of cells

O  Oxygen in body, oxygenation of cells, rust on organs and free radical damage

P Body PH balance

E  The electron flow in the body. This prevents the cells from “sticking” together