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Chelsea Brown

How do you want your daughter to see you?

— Chelsea Brown

My first blog this is very exciting!! I used to think it was very bizarre that people wrote down events in their life thinking others would be so excited to read them? Isn’t that what a journal is for? But haven’t we all sneaked into someone’s journal at some point? IT IS EXCITING! Experiences are so personal and seeing them through someone else’s perspective is insanely COOL!!

I started a rebirth after deciding to not finish the degree I had started after high school and head out traveling. I travelled to Europe, South America, Central America, South East Asia, Most of the USA, Mexico, the Bahamas, and of course many road trips all over Canada. What I found was that I couldn’t admire culture enough, it was so amazing to witness different values and traditions, languages and style, food and the festive ways to celebrate life. I found the finesse for life seemed heightened everywhere but where I was living. Or was I not living with finesse?! Maybe I was being to judgmental of my own world. Everything I admired about everyone else’s way of life could really be applied to my own world if I were to introduce it? Essentially I found the ultimate power to make my life exactly how I want it.

Now that I’m a mother I find this the greatest lesson to share with my children. We start off not caring what anyone thinks of us where do we get so convoluted with all these judgments that make us too insecure to make our own decisions? Think about how you dressed if you were allowed to pick out your own clothes as a child? You looked “ridiculous” but you felt so amazing and proud of your own choices! Lets get back to that point lets be so self-assured and feel great in every choice we make.  If we got brainwashed by society lets brain wash our selves back to “us”. I write thoughts on my mirror in red lipstick. (Now that I know how much lead is in that ruby red) The thought / message I have on my mirror right now is “ how do you want your daughter to see you? What do you want your relationship to be like? How will you accomplish this?” I look at Latin cultures the women dress so sexy and fancy. They look amazing because they feel amazing. They aren’t super models and they aren’t in great shape but they “work it” they love it and you can see it. That’s the confidence I would like my 4-year-old daughter to grow up with. So I take her to Latin festivals and other cultural events in our city. Sleepy ol ‘Edmonton actually has an amazing arts district and really cool festivals. The more we go to them and support them the better they will be. The other day my daughter asked me “why are we just plain mom?”  “OMG We are not plain!!! Come upstairs pick out the best outfit you can find and lets hit the market!” We left the house looking “ravishing” She received compliments all day about her amazing ensemble and she beamed with confidence and joy. She used to watch me get ready and I used to wonder what is she thinking. She’s proud and tells everyone where she got her crazy fun clothes.  Trips to Costa Rica and meeting hippies and earthy people at markets that hand made her jewels etc. she stops people that just say hi in passing and asks them about there jewelry and different styles. I like that she notices people and I Love that she’s not shy!! I taught her the confidence that I re learnt from travelling.  I left on my first trip to Thailand feeling lost and confused I came back refreshed and ready to re start my own life in my own way. I look around everyday and think what an amazing life I have and as a mother I never want my children to get “lost” I want to make sure they always feel in control of their life their decisions and powerful enough to take on the world!!

To You Lydia Paige Grace

Love Mom xoxo

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